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Natural ingradients for cosmetics



Contains, uses
Natural iol from seeds cameline (Саmеlinа sativa (L.) Crantz).Refine,deodorizeA good addition to hair and skin cosmetic products (1-7%). Camelina oil can be introduced into cosmetic products as a natural analogue of vitamin F, since polyunsaturated fat acids make up 58%. Rich source of tocopherols (90-100 mg %). Due to its increased transdarmal diffusion it can be an excellent transport oil in aromatherapy a component in massage creams. Provides lubricity, improved elasticity, stable against oxidation,   anti-aging agent,  ingredient in hair care products.
Natural iol from pine kernel oil  (Pinus Sibirica)Cold pressed.Excellent edible and cosmetic oil.   Addition in  cream for children and adults (1-7%). Source biologically valuable Olein – 14-15%, Linoleate – 57-60%,  linolenic 21-25%, vitamin E (55-60 mg %).
Essence oil Siberian Fir  Abies Sibirica(steam distillation)Oil is high quality, without additives. Oil is ingredient in deodorant, cream for massage, salt for sanatoria balneum.  Composition: alpha-pinene, camphene, beta-phellandrene, borneol and bornyl  -  acetate.
Supercritic CO2- extract of Abies bough(Abies Siberica)   Extract  is ingredient in deodorant, cream for massage, anti- cellulite,  salt for sanatoria balneum.  A richer component composition results in the  appearance high bioaktivity and a high-quality perfume odor. СО2-extract  contains 2 fraction.  Essential oils  composition: a-pinene, camphene, b-phellandrene, borneol,  bornyl-acetate, carotenoids, chlorophyll, lycopene, phytohormones,  flavonoids, sterols, phytoncides, natural organic acids and microelements. The water fraction supercritic CO2- extract consists of water-soluble vitamins: the content of flavonoids (in term of rutin) is 125 mg%,  vitamin C is 775 mg%,  carotenes –0.17 mg%,  terpenes –0.09%, maltol –0.4%.
Thick extract of high cranberry (Viburnum opulus L.) Evaporation is carried out at 400C, allows producing the  state of a thick mass containing from 40% to 80% of the extracted substances. A good vitamin addition in cosmetics: anti- cellulite, anti-age, baby care. Viburnum opulus L. high-bush cranberries have an antiphlogistic effect, they also strengthen blood vessels. Composition:  vitamin C (225 mg%), quercetine (11,5 mg %) as well as carotenoids, catechins, flavons, pectins, organic acids and mineral salts.
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